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  • Silicone Ass

    A Realistic 22 lbs (10kg) Silicone Ass

    This Silicone Ass is the best thing that ever happened to men! With this item, men can finally have on-demand sex without wasting money, time & effort chasing after girls. Because it has a realistic weight (22 lbs) and length (15.8 inches), using this sexy silicone ass is really awesome! Its Silicone material is human friendly, so you can use it as long as you want without any risk.

    Anus & Vagina 3d printed

    This Silicone Ass has both an anus & a vagina which have been 3D printed for the best realism possible. Holes are both tight and smooth. When you will get inside, it will nicely squeeze you, like with a real woman! However, unlike a real woman it never says no (in particular for anal sex!).

    If you prefer other colors or cheaper sex doll ass, you can have a look at our other, or all our Silicone Asses.

    More information & pictures about this silicone ass here.

  • Sex Doll Butt

    A ready-to-fuck butt for you!

    Picture a nice naked female ass in front of you. It is waiting in a very welcoming pose. Its tight pussy and asshole are like an invitation to enter inside. And more importantly, you know this ass will always be there for you. Is this impossible? With real girl, unfortunately that would just be a fantasy, but with this pale sex doll butt there is no problem at all!

    Easy to grab, great to bang!

    With a length of 10.2in (26cm) and of weight of 6.6 lbs (3kg), this butt as realistic features and is very easy to grab. It has 2 smooth and tight holes: vagina & asshole. Each of them has been designed to mimic very closely female anatomy. Going inside is absolutely orgasmic!

    The color of this sex doll butt is pale. If you prefer other colors, you can have a look at similar items, such as this suntan sex doll ass, or all our Silicone Asses.

    More information & pictures about this sex doll here.

  • Sex doll wig long black hair

    Wig for sex doll, long and black hair.

    Wigs and other love dolls accessories. Free shipping worldwide.


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  • Upgrade to HTTPS

    We have just upgraded our whole website to https. It means that from now on all information exchange between your computer and our server is encrypted. This guarantees at 100% your privacy and your security.
  • Orders Delayed For Chinese New Year

    Because of Chinese New Year celebrations, our factory will be closed until February 20th. We still accept order during this period, but please be aware that your sex dolls will only be manufactured from the 21st of February. Sorry for
  • Happy New Year 2016

    We wish you a happy new year 2016, from all the team of Sex Doll Paradise 🙂
  • Carmen – Your Barbie Sexdoll

    Carmen is one of our latest sexdoll, and has become one of our most popular doll within a few weeks. With a barbie like face, a wonderful body and giant boobs, this doll has everything to please!
  • Sex Doll Paradise at Asia Adult Expo 2015 (HK)

    Sex Doll Paradise will attend the 2015 Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong.