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New Products

  • Yumi 4ft7 (140cm)

    A Great Real Sex Doll

    Our latest generation full­bodied TPE real sex doll features many new technologies which make her one of the most complete and life­like on the market.

    Yumi is only 140cm (4ft7) tall, but has full sized attributes. She is made of a metal skeleton and a high quality TPE skin which is soft and elastic.

    She is fully articulated, it means you can do all sexual positions with her, just like a real woman.

    A real woman? Actually no, it’s better because Yumi is always ready and will never say no to all your fantasies.

    A customizable Sex Doll

    When you order Yumi you can choose your favorite wig. Later if you want to change the wig, it will be very easy to do so.

    $1,390 $990
  • Selina

    • Vaginal sex
    • Anal sex
    • Height : 170cm
    • Bust : 108cm
    • Waist : 79cm
    • Hips : 106cm
    • Shoulder width : 46cm
    • Arms : 79cm
    • Legs : 81cm
    • Feet : 23cm
    • Weight : 40kg
  • Bianca

    Bianca Key Features

    • Height: 4ft 7in (140cm)
    • Weight : 28kg
    • Vaginal sex
    • Anal sex
    • Bust : 74cm
    • Waist : 56cm
    • Hips : 74cm
    • Shoulder width : 34cm
    • Arms : 59cm
    • Legs : 80cm
    • Feet : 19cm

  • Suzy

    • Vaginal sex
    • Anal sex
    • Height : 140cm
    • Bust : 74cm
    • Waist : 56cm
    • Hips : 74cm
    • Shoulder width : 34cm
    • Arms : 59cm
    • Legs : 80cm
    • Feet : 19cm
    • Weight : 28kg
  • Helen

    • Vaginal sex
    • Anal sex
    • Height : 160cm
    • Bust : 90cm
    • Waist : 63cm
    • Hips : 88cm
    • Shoulder width : 40cm
    • Arms : 65cm
    • Legs : 77cm
    • Feet : 20cm
    • Weight : 31kg

Top Rated Products

  • Mini Love Doll 3ft 3in (100cm)

    A 3ft 3in (100cm) Sexy Mini Love Doll

    You would like to get started with sex dolls but you also want do not want to spend too much but still get a very cute & sexy doll? This Mini Love Doll is for you! She is probably the cutest doll I have ever seen! Her face will make you want to love her but her body will make you want to f*ck her!

    Designed For Boobs Lovers

    Did you see these two giant boobs dangling below her neck? Are they big enough for you? Depending on the option chosen, you can have a bust as big as 24in (63cm). Plunge your head in these boobs, play with them, put your c*ck between them and have fun!

    If you still have some unanswered questions, we invite you to read the below section with description, pictures, and specifications.. You can also contact us via our contact form

    $1,499 $1,299
  • Mini Sex Doll 31.5in (80cm)

    Want to have unlimited vaginal sex? With this Mini Sex Doll, your dream come true! At 31.5in, you will totally dominate her. Take her in every position, with her metal skeleton she will stay put*: Doggystyle, missionary, anything you desire she will do! Her Vagina is 3d printed to be as realistic as real woman’s. If you have specific requirements, take advantage of the options below to have a 100% customized love doll.

    *Please note that she cannot remain in the stand-up position

    More information & pictures about this sexdoll here.

    $1,200 $699
  • Carmen – Your Barbie Doll Sexdoll

    Your Barbie Doll Sex Machine With Juicy Boobs

    Satisfy your most inner fantasy of having your own barbie doll to fuck at will. Pass your hand over her long blond hair and put her rosy pink lips to work on your cock.

    Feel one of her boobs with both your hands while resting your face on the other.

    For Boob and Blond Lovers

    Fuck her doggy style while pulling her hair and feeling her boobs. Lay her down and smother yourself on her tits while you raw dog her. Whichever you wish to do first – she will like it.

    Her 155 cm (5 ft 1 inch) frame is made for you to do as you wish. Her tits are screaming your name. Get the most barbie doll sex you've always wanted today!

    Want to know more or see additional pictures?  Click on the product description link below and have your questions answered.

    $2,950 $2,450

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