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10 Movies With Sex Dolls

Lars and the real girl - A sex dol movie

Cinema often takes us on journeys through the human condition, addressing themes of solitude, the longing for companionship, and the essence of what it means to connect. Among the more unconventional narratives are those involving sex dolls, which have been used not merely for their shock value but as vehicles to explore much deeper societal and emotional themes. Across various countries and through the lenses of visionary directors, these stories unfold, showing us that these inanimate objects can serve as powerful tools for storytelling. Here, we delve into a collection of 10 notable films where sex dolls aren’t just props but pivotal elements that drive the narrative forward.

In “Lars and the Real Girl” directed by Craig Gillespie

Hailing from the USA, we meet Lars, portrayed by Ryan Gosling. Lars is an endearingly awkward young man who introduces a life-sized, realistic sex doll named Bianca as his girlfriend, seeking companionship. The community’s response highlights a compassionate exploration of acceptance and the human need for connection, making Bianca a significant figure in examining loneliness.

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Air Doll”

This movie presents a unique story from Japan about a sex doll named Nozomi, played by Bae Doona, who miraculously gains consciousness. Nozomi’s journey through life, filled with curiosity and innocence, mirrors a commentary on the loneliness and isolation felt in modern society, making her more than just a doll but a symbol of the human experience.

Air Doll

From the USA, “Love Object” by Robert Parigi

This movie features Desmond Harrington as Kenneth, who develops a disturbing fixation on a silicone sex doll he names Nikki. This psychological thriller ventures into the depths of obsession and the dark reflections of a man’s psyche, with Nikki serving as a chilling catalyst for the story’s suspenseful unraveling.

Love Object

“Monique,” a French movie

This dark comedy directed by Valérie Guignabodet, tells the tale of a man, played by Albert Dupontel, who seeks refuge in a relationship with a sex doll named Monique amidst his marital woes. Monique’s silent presence becomes a peculiar form of therapy, challenging conventional perceptions of happiness and companionship.

Anna Elizabeth James’s “Deadly Illusions”

From the USA, this movie subtly incorporates a sex doll within its narrative. The film spins a tale of a bestselling author who faces blurred lines between reality and fiction, with the doll emblematically representing the disintegration of her sanity amidst a web of deception.

Deadly Illusions

“The Real Doll” by Richard Atkinson

This documentary from the UK delves into the lives of sex doll owners, offering a humane perspective on the bonds formed with these synthetic partners and prompting a reevaluation of societal norms regarding love and relationship.

“Guys and Dolls,” another British documentary

Directed by Nick Holt, this documentary provides insight into men who choose sex dolls over human partners, shedding light on their motivations and the societal reactions they face. It’s a contemplative piece that invites viewers to ponder the complexities of loneliness and the human desire for companionship.

American documentary “My Sex Robot”

This documentary looks ahead to the future of artificial companionship, exploring the intersection of technology and personal relationships. It raises pivotal questions about the evolving nature of love and companionship in the age of advanced robotics.

Japan’s “Custom Made 10.30”

This movie is a short film that touches on the themes of loneliness and control through the story of a man who orders a custom sex doll. The narrative delves into the emotional complexities behind seeking fulfillment through artificial means, offering a reflective look at human nature.


Lastly, “Surrogates,” a sci-fi thriller

Directed by Jonathan Mostow and featuring Bruce Willis, although primarily about robotic avatars, this movie ties into the conversation with its examination of the consequences of substituting real human interactions with synthetic beings. The film provocatively questions the essence of identity and the authenticity of our connections in a technologically advanced world.



These films collectively challenge our perceptions and invite us to reflect on the nuances of human relationships, loneliness, and the search for meaning in an increasingly isolated world. Through their stories, sex dolls become more than just objects; they are mirrors to our souls, revealing our deepest fears, desires, and the ever-persistent longing for genuine connection.