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Looking for anal sex dolls?

So your girlfriend is not ready for anal sex? She said it hurts and it is dirty ? What a pity! That is why we have anal sex dolls!

Some may say anal sex is for when your female partner has periods, well, it can’t happen with love dolls but some men really enjoy sex from behind, but most girls just don’t like it. We may admit it is not really comfortable to have a dick in the ass, especially when it is a big one! So it is not easy to find a woman who will allow you to have anal sex with her. But, unfortunately for women and their ass, it is a fact that many men like doing anal sex.

a love doll capable of anal sexan anal hole of a sex doll

That is why having an anal sex doll can be a good choice for anal sex lovers! No need to clean the hole, or worry about hurting your partner. Actually, you don’t even need to ask her for her consentment. Just do it wild and strong, without restraint, like you’ve always dreamed of! And of course, no need to use a condom!

All our anal sex dolls, whether made of TPE or silicone, have anal holes and then can perform of anal sex. The anus is approximately 5.5in (14cm) deep, depending on the doll. We always write the anal hole depth in the product pages.

We will show you some photos of sex doll anus (level of details depends on the brand).

And keep in mind that the anus of our love dolls is special designed to tight your penis, more than the vagina, to give you a maximum of pleasure

And don’t forget that the design of the anus of our sex dolls is specially designed to “squeeze” your penis and thus give you the same sensations as if you were fucking in ass of a real woman!

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