Best Selling Sex Dolls @ Sex Doll Paradise

Best selling sex dolls

Don’t know what sex doll to buy ? We are here to help.

Choosing a sex doll, especially if you are a first time customer, could be a difficult choice.

That is why, at Sex Doll Paradise, in order to help you to find the best sex doll fitting your personal needs and taste,  we have gather in this page our best selling realistic love dolls for each sex doll type (blonde, brunette, Asian, black, BBW, hentai, big boobs)  ! In other words, our customers’s favorite real dolls. Enjoy !

Keep in mind that all our real sex dolls can give sex in any way you want :

  • Vaginal
  • Anal
  • Oral (their mouth are openable)

Thanks to their articulated metal skeleton, you can take many sexual positions (missionary, doggy style etc …). They are fully customizable (wig, eyes, skin color, manicure, toenails color, built in or removable vagina, with or without pubic hair). They also can moan during intercourse if you add the “moaning” option and their torso can be heated if you add the “heating” option.

We offer a collection of sexy outfits (Japanese student, kimono, sexy secretary, office lady, sexy lingerie, air hostess, maid etc …).

They can even stand on their own thanks to the “standing feet” option !

Best realistic sex dolls

  • Abby 160cm D-Cup Love Doll

    Abby 160cm D-cup love doll

  • alix-157cm-bcup-love-doll

    Alix 157cm B-cup Love Doll

  • briana-167cm-bcup-love-doll

    Briana 167cm B-cup Love Doll

  • Kristara 157cm B-Cup Love Doll

    Kristara 157cm B-cup Love Doll


Best Japanese realistic sex dolls

Got asian fever ? We have everything you need here ! Small or big breast, office lady style, Japanese student (with her outfit) or hentai sex dolls.

Best black realistic sex dolls

Black if beautiful ! Take a look at our best black skin love dolls.

  • climax-amanda-sex-doll

    Amanda 160cm H-Cup Black Sex Doll

  • Kerry-Sex-Doll

    Kerry 160cm E-Cup Black BBW Sex Doll

  • luci-black-bbw-sex-doll

    Luci 165cm L-Cup Black BBW Sex Doll

  • Nalini 4ft2(148cm) D-Cup Sex Doll

    Nalini 4ft2(148cm) D-Cup Sex Doll


Best BBW realistic sex dolls

Do you like meat ? BBW stand for Big Beautiful Woman. Here are our collection of curvy love dolls with big breast, big ass and big butt.

  • Plus size sex doll Jade

    Jade 163cm H-cup Plus Size Sex Doll

  • bbw-sex-doll-lela-sydoll-h-05

    Lela 163cm G-cup BBW Sex Doll

  • Minka 167cm H-Cup BBW Sex Doll

    Minka 167cm H-Cup BBW Sex Doll

  • Nina 167cm H-cup BBW Sex Doll

    Nina 167cm BBW Sex Doll


Best sex dolls featuring big boobs

It is a fact, a lot of men like big boobs. Lucky you, we like busty woman too and we have a lot of fuck dolls featuring big breasts here. Touch them, lick them, play as long as you want with their silicone breasts !

  • Meisa 160cm E-cup BBW Love Doll

    BBW Love Doll Meisa 160cm E-cup

  • Big boobs hentai sex doll Hiroko

  • Dana 167cm H-Cup Sex Doll

    Dana 167cm H-cup Sex Doll

  • Doree 5ft(153cm) K-Cup Big Boobs Sex Doll

    Doree 5ft(153cm) K-Cup Big Boobs Sex Doll