AS Doll

AS Doll – Sex Doll Manufacturer

AS Doll (original name : Shenzhen Aiersha Technology Co.) is a sex doll manufacturer which was established in 2010. They originally produced adult sex toys but are now mainly known for TPE sex dolls. They are from Shenzhen (Mainland China).

They mainly sell their dolls to the European and the North American market. All their dolls are made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). All theirs love dolls are ready for vagina, anal and oral sex.

Here are some photos of their workshop :

AS Doll sex doll brand

AS Doll sex doll Manufacturer

About the quality, we can say that they do a bit better than AF Dolls or Aibei, but theirs dolls are not as finest as sex dolls form Piper Doll or Doll 4 Ever brands.

Metal skeleton of dolls from AS Doll is fully articulated and they offer same customizable options from their competitors (wig, eyes, manicure, toenails color, skin tones, vagina, pubic hair and standing foot). They ship worldwide via FEDEX international.

By the way, you will notice that theirs photos are very stylish. They makeup theirs dolls, put them in cool position with a very nice decor as background.

About doll’s type, they design a lof of differents kind of dolls, small, tall, big (BBW, plus size), skinny, white, black, tan, Asian etc … They even make sex dolls with elf ears !

You can find below a list of sex dolls from AS Doll manufacturer (if you compare with photos from other sex dolls manufacturers, you can see that their photos are easily recognizable) :

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Showing all 4 results