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Buddy 175cm Male Sex Doll

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Buddy wants a Male Sex Doll, Fuck buddy

Buddy is a quiet guy who likes to spend most of his time surfing at the beach. This male sex doll is a free spirit who doesn’t really want the hassles of a relationship so whenever he’s asked out on a date, he always says no. But the lack of sex is starting to get to him, and now he’s starting to think that maybe he should try to meet someone.

But like we said, Buddy is a free spirit, and he doesn’t need his partner to be at his side all the time. That’s why he’s starting to come around to the idea of having a friend with benefits. Someone to play around with every time he’s horny. Yes, that’s right, Buddy wants a fuckbuddy.

Sounds like a pretty nice arrangement, right? You get this hunk of a guy with his perfectly chiseled abs, incredibly kissable lips, and that always rock hard cock between his legs, and no drama. Who wouldn’t like an arrangement like that?

This male sex doll can satisfy you !

Buddy tells us that although he wants a fuckbuddy, he still wants the soft touches and passion of genuine lovemaking. He wants to kiss and hold, hug and touch, lick and of course, fuck. He loves oral and tells us that he enjoys satisfying his lovers as much as possible.

And he even told us that he thinks you could be the one. In fact, if you’d like to be his fuckbuddy, then this almost too perfect male sex doll will be more than willing to come to your place and get wild with you in the bedroom.

It’s a chance not to be missed.

Like with their female fuck dolls counterpart, just say the word, and you could have the perfect friend with benefits in your bed.

Make Buddy your fuckbuddy.


Height: 5ft8 (160cm)
Weight: 123lbs (56kg)
Waist: 30in (77cm)
Hips: 38in (97cm)


Soft realistic TPE skin
Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated

Sexual Holes

Penis Length: 7.87in (20cm)
Anal Depth: 6.7in (17cm)


Key Features

This is a classic TPE love doll with skin soft as silk
  • Ready for vaginal, anal and oral sex
  • Soft realistic TPE skin
  • Steel frame fully articulated
  • Can hold pose
  • Head easily switchable (extra head can be bought separately)
  • Wig easily switchable (extra wig can be bought separately)
  • Eyes easily switchable (extra wig can be bought separately)

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    The Shrugging shoulder is an enhancement of the skeleton that offer your love doll shoulder movement improvement
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