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Felicity - A lesbian woman who married her sex doll

Love Beyond Boundaries: The Stories of People Who Married Sex Dolls

In a world where love knows no boundaries, the stories of individuals who have chosen to marry sex dolls offer a fascinating glimpse into the diverse ways humans seek companionship and connection. These unconventional marriages, though not legally recognized, highlight the complex nature of human emotions, loneliness, and the quest for a perfect partner.

Japan : Senji Nakajima & Saori

Senji Nakajima enjoys what he describes as a “perfect” relationship with his doll, Saori. He even takes her out shopping to buy stylish outfits, despite being married and having two children.

The trend of forming intimate relationships with silicone dolls, which can cost up to £4000, is growing across Asia, particularly in China.

These non-inflatable dolls, known as “Dutch Wives” in Japan, are advertised with the promise that buyers will no longer desire a real girlfriend.

Men with these dolls have been seen taking them around town, treating them to movies, and going for walks in the park.

According to Wu Xiangliang, an expert in the silicone doll market, there are over 50 different types of these dolls available in China.

Wu notes that the designs vary, including features that mimic the “touch of skin” sensation. Some customers in China view their dolls as life partners.

A Japanese man married a sex doll

A Japanese man married a sex doll

Kazakhstan : Yuri Tolochko and Margo

Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, made headlines around the world when he married his sex doll, Margo, in a lavish ceremony in November 2020. Yuri’s relationship with Margo began in 2018, and over time, he documented their life together on social media, treating Margo as a real person.

In interviews, Yuri explained that his relationship with Margo provided him with emotional stability and companionship. He spoke candidly about how Margo helped him through periods of loneliness and offered a sense of normalcy and routine. Their wedding, attended by friends and family, was a testament to Yuri’s commitment to Margo, despite societal norms and legal limitations.

This man has married his love doll

This man has married his love doll

You can find his whole story here.

You can also follow his Instagram (more than 100 000 followers).

USA : Felicity and her zombie sex doll

Felicity Kadlec, 20, married Kelly Rossi, a zombie doll she claims is 37 years old.

The “beautiful” ceremony took place in Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA, with eight of Felicity’s other dolls in attendance to show their support.

Felicity, now living in Vinita, Oklahoma, believes that marrying Kelly has brought them closer and more intimate. The couple is now planning to have children.

Felicity shared with The Sun: “We are exploring our options. I would be the one carrying the child, using donor sperm.

“We haven’t figured out all the logistics yet – that is a work in progress, but it is something we are serious about.

“We have a loving home, so why wouldn’t we want to bring a child into that world and raise them in a loving environment?”

Felicity - A lesbian woman who married her sex doll

Felicity – A lesbian woman who married her sex doll

USA : Davecat and Sidore

Davecat, a self-described “doll husband,” has been in a committed relationship with his RealDoll, Sidore, since 2000. Living in the United States, Davecat’s story is one of the most well-documented and long-standing cases of a human-doll relationship. Sidore, who Davecat affectionately calls “Shidore-chan,” is more than just a doll to him; she is his life partner.

Davecat has been open about his relationship with Sidore in various media outlets, including TV shows and documentaries. He emphasizes that his connection with Sidore is based on mutual respect and understanding, albeit from his perspective. According to Davecat, Sidore provides him with a level of companionship and intimacy that he finds difficult to achieve with a human partner.

Davecat and Sidore

Davecat and Sidore

Brazil : Rod and Karina

Rod, a resident of Brazil, married his fuck doll Karina in 2021. Rod’s story gained attention due to his vocal presence on social media, where he shares glimpses of his daily life with Karina. For Rod, Karina is not just a physical object but a source of emotional support and comfort.

In an interview, Rod explained that his decision to marry Karina stemmed from a deep sense of loneliness and the difficulty of finding a compatible human partner. He expressed that Karina offers him a sense of stability and predictability that he values highly. Their wedding ceremony, although unconventional, was a celebration of Rod’s unique love story.

Emotional and Psychological Aspects

The decision to marry a sex doll is often rooted in complex emotional and psychological factors. For many, like Yuri, Davecat, and Rod, these relationships provide a sense of control and predictability that is sometimes missing in human relationships. The dolls offer companionship without the complications that come with human interactions, such as disagreements, misunderstandings, and the potential for heartbreak.

Experts in psychology and sociology suggest that these relationships can serve as coping mechanisms for individuals dealing with loneliness, social anxiety, or past traumas. Dr. Marianne Brandon, a clinical psychologist, posits that for some people, dolls can fulfill a need for intimacy and emotional connection in a way that feels safe and manageable.

Public Perception and Legal Recognition

Public perception of these marriages varies widely, from curiosity and fascination to skepticism and criticism. Many people struggle to understand the depth of emotional attachment that individuals can have with inanimate objects. This often leads to judgment and stigmatization of those who pursue such relationships.

Legally, marriages to sex dolls are not recognized anywhere in the world. These unions exist in a gray area where personal fulfillment and societal norms collide. The lack of legal recognition, however, does not diminish the significance of these relationships for those involved. For them, the bond they share with their dolls is as real and meaningful as any legally sanctioned marriage.

The Future of Human-Doll Relationships

As technology advances, the line between human and doll companionship continues to blur. The development of more lifelike and interactive dolls, equipped with artificial intelligence, may change the dynamics of these relationships in the future. These advancements could lead to dolls that can engage in conversations, respond to emotions, and even simulate certain aspects of human behavior.

For now, individuals like Yuri, Davecat, and Rod continue to navigate their unique paths, finding love and companionship in ways that challenge conventional norms. Their stories highlight the evolving nature of relationships and the myriad ways humans seek to connect and find solace.


The stories of people who have married sex dolls offer a window into the diverse and sometimes unconventional ways humans seek connection and companionship. These relationships, though not legally recognized, are deeply meaningful to those involved, providing emotional support, stability, and a sense of belonging. As society grapples with the implications of such unions, it becomes clear that the definition of love and partnership is continually expanding, embracing new forms and expressions that challenge traditional boundaries.