Carmen – Your Barbie Sexdoll

Carmen is one of our latest sexdoll, and has become one of our most popular doll within a few weeks. With a barbie like face, a wonderful body and giant boobs, this doll has everything to please!

A Sexdoll With A Great Body

Carmen Sexdoll has a very sexy and slender 5ft 1in (155 cm) tall body designed to ravish you:
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Big Boobs With A Wonderful Shape

Carmen was designed specifically for boobs lover. Have a look at these super pictures of her delicious breasts:
(Click to enlarge)

Carmen is a sexdoll which can do oral, vaginal and anal sex, so there will not be any limit to the sexual fantasies you can achieve with her!

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great to see this nice addition, look forward to try this sexdoll

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This is a very nice sex/lovedoll. Maybe she’s a little too thin but this is only my opinion.
Thanks for posting!

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