Black Sex Dolls

Looking for a black sex doll ?

View our collection of realistic black sex dolls. They are made of silicone or made of TPE and features the 3 sexual orifices. Our black skin real love dolls can do vagina, anal & oral sex.

Beautiful black dolls for African or dark tan sex dolls lovers, realistic sex doll in silicone or TPE. In our growing collection of black dolls, you will find a wider choices of shapes and sizes.  From curry BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) sex doll to the flat chested or athletic African doll. Like all the dolls in our store, these black sex dolls are made of high quality TPE and with great attention to details.

These ebony sex doll have in common their dark skin, proud and glorious black hair (often curled or made into an afro like style). Those dolls feel and look so irresistible. you may just want to touch them. Those gorgeous dolls with you lips and savor them like the most luxurious chocolates in the world.


Different skin colors, from black to light tan. We also have metis dolls (mixed) with brown skin.

Most of real black love dolls manufacturer, but not all of them, offer different skin colors, from 100% black to light tan.

Before you add your black real doll to the cart, take a look at the different options we can offer for customization. It of course includes the skin color, as we said, but also many other options like the wig, eyes, manicure and toenails. And also heated torso, moaning sound, standing feet (the doll can stand on her own), the outfit etc…

Like all the dolls in our store, they are yours free of delivery wherever you may be on the planet, sent to you in the most discreet package.

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