Dwarf & Midget Sex Dolls

Our collection of dwarf sex dolls gather our sex doll who are lower than 4ft6in (140cm) and who are chubby. Of course, all dwarves are not chubby, but we have gather non-chubby small dolls in the mini sex dolls collection. All our dwarfs (or dwarves) love dolls are all capable of vaginal, anal and oral sex.

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108cm Sex Doll In TPE Annabella


3 feet sex doll made in TPE


3ft6in TPE Sex Doll With A Short Body And Big Breasts


Big And Fat Mini Sex Doll 2ft4in (72cm)


Dwarf Sex Doll 3ft7in 108cm Made In TPE


Mini Fat Sex Doll 100cm L Cup


Real 108cm Love Doll With Big Tits And Black Hairs


Small Size Realistic Love Doll 3ft7in 108cm with Big Boobs


108cm Sex Doll (3ft5in) Zarina