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Looking for a realistic sex doll ? Take a look at our collection of realistic love dolls. Made of TPE or silicone, they are all capable of vagina, anal and oral sex.

This is the entire collection of real sex dolls offered at Sex Doll Paradise. Selected for their quality:

  • Their beauty, the attention to detail put in their design, the quality and durability of their material but
  • Most importantly for their sexual appeal

These Premium love dolls are available for sale at competitive prices. The prices at which they are displayed hereafter are inclusive of tax, duties and delivery fees. There are no hidden costs.

Besides our own guarantee, any transactions go through PayPal and this means you also are covered by PayPal guarantees on equal terms.

A blonde realistic sex doll

Love Dolls right down to the tip of their nails

love Dolls at Sex Doll Paradise are truly the best sex dolls money can buy. They are hand made with meticulous care by the best craftsmen to make sure the finest details are as lifelike as humanely possible. This extra care aims at realism in the dolls’ appearance, feel and experience. This attention to details drives our craftsmen, artists in their own right to design dolls that replicates as humanely possible the beauty of this amazing creation that is the human body.  From the intricacies of the human face and all the elements that makes its from the elegant curves of the face to the finer details of the color of the iris of the eyes, no effort is spared to narrow the gap between the experience of human body and that of a realistic life sex doll. This is particularly true when it comes to parts of the body that make out the most of a sexual experience like the breasts and the more intimate parts of a woman. These are the details, details in the design of the vaginas (refined contouring and texture) that are so critical in taking a sex doll encounter to a heightened level experience.

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