Pillow Sex Doll

Pillow Sex Doll are inflatable doll with solid parts. The body of the doll is inflatable, and the ass, vagina and nipples are in solid silicone. The body of the doll is covered with the image of a very sexy girl. When you bored of your sex doll, you just need to change the cover image (it can be changed), and voila, you have a brand new pillow sex doll! The asshole and vagina hold of the sex doll are smooth and tight, and the feeling inside is very similar to a sex intercourse with a real woman. When you have finished using your pillow doll, you just need to remove the air inside, fold it, and store it: it does not take much space.

Pillow Sex Doll Description

Pillow Sex Doll: Simple and Ready to please in Minutes

Sex doll pillows are affordable sex dolls which can help you to get started with sex dolls without spending too much money. Pillow dolls are also original sextoys which can be a very fun gift for a friend’s birthday for example.

Pillow sex dolls exist in 2 flavors:

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