Silicone Breast is a great cheap sex doll designed for boob lovers. With this kind of affordable sextoy you do not need to bother about other body parts, but you just focus on your favorite body parts in a female: boobs! The skin of these adult sextoys is made out of soft silicone. These Boobs feels as real as real women’s boobs. Same texture, same softness/hardness. Boobs size is pretty big, it has been designed for your pleasure! Fondle with them, put your head between them, lick them, unleash your sexual passion!

These silicone breasts are easier to store than full body sex dolls, and they are also cheaper! If you love boobs but have a limited budget, then these breast sex dolls are exactly what you need!

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Red Head Sex Doll Athena 172cm


Sex Doll Breast & Vagina