Pictures yourself sitting at the terrace of a cafe, in a busy area of a big city, in summer time. It is lunch time, and you can see a lot of office workers walking past you. Among these office workers, a lot of them are young women in their mid 20’s, most of them wearing sexy high heels revealing most of their feets. Picture the graceful shape of their naked feet. Does this sight make you feel excited? How about if you could OWN a pair of these sexy young female feet?

With these silicone feet, you can indulge in your wildest kinky fantasies! Their shape is modeled upon real women feet. The skin is made out of a special silicone that looks and feels exactly like the skin of real women feet. Touch them, feel them, lick them, smell them, let them dominate you, once these silicone feet belong to you you can unleash your sexual dreams without any restraint!

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