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Why buying a torso sex doll ?

Realistic sex doll torso are half love dolls that are cheaper and easier to carry than full body real dolls. Buy your torso at SexDollParadise !
Not ready yet to buy a full body love doll ? Why not try a realistic torso sex doll in TPE or in silicone first ?
Sex dolls torso can look a bit creepy at first sight, but they actually have some advantages :
– They are easier to manipulate (they don’t have legs, and some have no arms too)
– They are easier to carry, as they are lighter
– They are easier to hide, as they are smaller than full body dolls.
– And for all those reasons, sex dolls torso are also cheaper !

Torso love dolls are a kind of cheap sex dolls where you save money by not having to buy a full body doll, but rather a half sex doll. These sex doll torso have a realistic silicone skin, as well as life like vagina and ass, that can be penetrated for sex. Like full size real dolls, they can be made from TPE or from silicone.

By giving up the arms and legs, you save money and focus on the best parts of a woman’s body: their vagina, ass and boobs! And the mouth if they come with the head. Which means you still can get vaginal, anal and oral sex.
Some sex doll torso comes with a head, some other without a head. Some can also come with arms.

Sex Dolls In TPE And In Silicone

All our torso sex dolls come with just one sexual hole, but 2: vagina AND ass. Each hole has a nicely shaped cavity with 3d features inside, as well as outside features. Have a close look at this doll pussy lips on the pictures. They really look and feel very realistic! However, contrary to a real girl, with this doll you can have sex as much as you want, the doll will never say no! We have both kind of skin type,  TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer), or silicone. Those materials have the same color and feels the same than a real human skin.

Small But Horny!

Thanks to their small size, those torso sex dolls can be stored very easily. This comes particularly handy when you have sex with it and want to manipulate it.

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