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Global market for sex doll should reach $600 million by the year 2027

The global market for artificial intimacy companions is poised to reach a valuation of approximately $600 million by the year 2027. This industry has witnessed remarkable growth, with an almost 8% increase in value since 2021. Notably, sales experienced a significant surge during the pandemic, with one American company reporting a staggering 51.6% rise in orders, primarily from single individuals.

These companions can be tailor-made to customers’ specifications, with some even replicating the likeness of celebrities. Furthermore, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has endowed them with “personalities,” and certain companies offer AI-powered companions capable of facial expressions and unscripted speech thanks to sophisticated programming.

However, one individual, self-identified as an AI intimacy companion technician named Chris, has raised concerns about the potential consequences of this burgeoning industry. He contended that the rapid growth of this industry could lead to a decline in the significance of human relationships.

In response to a video featuring a life-sized intimacy companion on a platform, Chris commented, “There are numerous websites offering various options. Any kind of companion you desire is readily available. Traditional human relationships are becoming increasingly scarce.” He also noted the proliferation of companies selling these companions, some of which operate intimacy companion establishments.

Another user humorously remarked, “This is one of the most rapid technological advancements since the creation of the internet.”

In recent years, thousands of AI-enabled companions capable of engaging in conversations have entered the market. These silicone companions, often designed to resemble surgically-enhanced individuals, are produced by RealDoll, a California-based company. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, these companions exhibit various moods, and some are even equipped with British accents, a feature intended to make them sound more intelligent, according to company owner Matt McMullen. McMullen envisions a future where these devices can move around autonomously.

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