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Have you ever heard of Cafe Dolls?

Do you want to take your coffee or tea with a sexy love doll? Around the world, “cafe dolls” are starting to open in various cities. We tell you everything.

You cafe doll in London

Bradley Charvet is on a mission to transform men’s morning routines with a novel concept—a fellatio cafe where the escorts are robots. This innovative idea first made headlines when Charvet announced his intentions to open such a cafe in Switzerland, inspired by Thailand’s blowjob bars. His vision allows customers to enjoy a coffee and engage with a silicone sex robot, all in the same visit. This unique twist caters to markets like London, where stricter sex work laws would normally prevent a traditional brothel from operating.

The café, proposed to be open from early morning till late at night, aims to combine the pleasures of coffee, sex, and pastries under one roof. Charvet refers to various studies, including insights from Dr. Debby Herbenick’s book “Because It Feels Good,” to justify his belief that starting the day with an orgasm can be beneficial.

When Inverse interviewed Charvet, he discussed his motivations for choosing London as a location after Switzerland, citing the city’s openness to new ideas and its bustling business environment. London’s restrictive laws against brothels with human workers make it an ideal spot for introducing sex robots into the mainstream market. According to Charvet, the public’s curiosity and eagerness towards sex robots have been overwhelmingly positive, presenting a ripe opportunity for pioneering this service.

Charvet revealed that the robots for his cafes would likely come from a company known as MySiliconeLoveDoll, with whom he plans to conduct initial tests. Considering a rental service model, the investment per robot could range from $1,000 to $3,000. Although currently focused on female sex robots, plans are underway to include male robots to cater to a broader demographic.

Regarding privacy within the cafe, Charvet plans to design the space with secluded areas, although he mentioned that many activities might occur more openly at the bar. He emphasized his respect for existing sex workers, stating that his pricing strategy—£60 for a caffè americano combined with a 15-minute session—aims not to disrupt the current market but to introduce a novel concept alongside it.

As for the upkeep and hygiene of the robots, Charvet and his team are in talks with the doll manufacturer to develop a cleaning process similar to what is currently practiced by escorts.

All in all, Charvet’s initiative to open robot-operated fellatio cafes could herald a significant shift in the sex industry, blending technology with traditional café culture in an unprecedented way.

You cafe doll in Taiwan

In Taichung City, Taiwan, there’s a unique café that stands out for its unusual staff: MITICA, the world’s first maid café employing sex dolls as its maids. Opened in May 2021, this café quickly turned into a must-visit spot for both locals and tourists. The lifelike synthetic maids caught the attention of many, differentiating MITICA from other cafes in the area. Despite its risqué concept, the café has been embraced by the Taiwanese community, attracting visitors of all ages, including families. The dolls are used more for ambiance and decoration than anything else.

Visitors to MITICA can indulge in a variety of activities. They can savor coffee, Japanese meals, and drinks, admire the dolls, participate in karaoke sessions, and more. The café showcases a range of high-quality silicone dolls from well-known brands like EX Doll (DS Doll), Gynoid, Sino Doll, TAYU, and Elsa Babe. These dolls vary in appearance and are elegantly dressed in maid outfits that blend classiness with a touch of allure. While many dolls are mounted on metal stands, others are arranged in sitting or dynamic poses around the café.

Patrons are allowed to touch the dolls, and for those particularly taken by a doll, there is the option to buy it or place a custom order. It’s likely that MITICA collaborates with a sex doll vendor, earning a commission from doll sales. For a more private experience, customers can make reservations to spend time exclusively with the dolls. Beyond the novel attraction of the dolls, MITICA also receives positive reviews for its high-quality coffee and authentic Japanese cuisine.