Mini Sex Dolls Collection

Mini Sex Dolls are one our most popular love dolls. They are the little sisters of our realistic life size sex dolls : they have similar features but are smaller (3ft 3in – 100cm and below), cuter, and cheaper ! They are easier to hide, especially if you don’t live alone. They are also easier to manipulate as they are smaller. Easier to carry, which is something you should consider if you need to take stairs with her or put her in a bag for travel.

They have a soft TPE skin that is very realistic: touching them and touching a real woman feels exactly the same! In order to be put in any position we also included a metal skeleton below this TPE skin. Thanks to this feature you can make your doll take any sexual pose. All our mini sex dolls have a vaginal hole, some of them have an anal hole as well and some are also capable of oral sex as their mouth are openable ! Because they have big boobs, they are not considered as child-like love dolls therefore they are totally legal.

Like all our full size fuck dolls, our those tiny sex dolls are customizable. You can choose her wig, the color of their eyes or their skin tone.

In general, what people love about these dolls is that they look really really cute, and are cheaper.  Isn’t she adorable? Yet she still is very exciting, just look at her awesome boobs!

All our realistic mini sex dolls are shipped discreetly. No one can see what is inside.

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