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You like petite girls and tiny bodies ? Why not try a tiny sex doll ? Our petite sex dolls will fulfill your fantasies and make your nights full of love ! Discover our collection of petite sex dolls. Between 4ft6in (140cm) to 4ft9in (150cm) height, those small sex dolls are easier to carry, easier to manipulate and easier to hide ! They may be tiny but they all have the same features than taller dolls. They are fully articulated. All our tiny sex dolls featured an articulated skeleton, they can cold many different sexual positions. Their petite bodies are made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), a silicone-like material that make their skin as realistic as the skin of a real girl. They got the 3 sexual orifices you could need : vagina, anal and oral holes ! So YES, they are all capable of vaginal, anal and oral sex (blowjob). Their mouth are openable.

Why buying a tiny sex doll instead of a life size one ?

Because they are cheaper ! And also because they are easier to manipulate during sex. They are also lighter if you need to. carry them.

If you are looking for small sex dolls under 4ft7in (140cm), you can take a look at our collection of mini sex dolls.

Because they have a “mature” body with big breasts, those petite sex dolls are not child-like dolls. That means they are 100% legal.

Free and discreet shipping

All petite sex dolls are shipped discreetly. No one can guess what is inside. The package is 100% blank. All our prices are final and include the shipping cost.

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148cm D Cup Asian Babe


Japanese Female Doll


Asian TPE Sex Doll With Mega Big Boobs

Original price was: $1,490.Current price is: $1,290.

Huge Tits Sex Doll Hiroko


Akane Manga Silicone Love Doll From Piper Doll


Asian Full Body TPE Sex Doll 148cm


Japanese Real Doll Harumi


Lifelike TPE Fucking Doll With Brown Hairs


Female Body Replica

Original price was: $1,290.Current price is: $1,090.

148cm Sex Doll Jennifer


Japan Fuck Doll Miranda

Original price was: $1,190.Current price is: $990.

Affordable Sex Doll Yumi


Huge Tits Sex Doll Alura L cup Boobs


Japan Fucking Love Doll Seiko


Climax Nellie Sex Doll


Dorothy Pink Hairs Sex Doll With Very Big Tits


Anime Silicone Piper Doll Sumire 4ft9in (148cm)


Kasumi Anime Silicone Sex Doll From Piper Doll


Lazuli Anime Silicone Fuck Doll From Piper Doll


Life Like Caucasian Real Love Doll in TPE


Petite blonde love doll 148cm (4ft9in) D Cup breasts


Realistic Silicone Love Doll Katia


Santa Claus TPE Fuck Doll With Christmas Outfit


Sexy TPE Black Fucking Doll 148cm D Cup