How To Use A Sex Doll?

Sex doll guide for 2023

How to use a sex doll

You can learn everything you need to know about using a sex doll right here! This is the only complete sex doll guide you need to enjoy.

Considering purchasing a love doll or recently receiving a real doll and unsure of how to care for your new friend? Assembling your new sex doll, caring for your genuine doll, and the various types of joy a love doll may bring to your relationship are just a few of the elements to be aware of in order to keep your doll in good condition.

A new genuine doll requires a significant financial commitment. Those of you who have already bought sex dolls, kudos on a job well done! A sex doll is like having a companion available at all times. You will have more power and fulfillment in your sexual life, and your relationship will be more exciting and new.

In addition to your amazing physique, fashion sense, and preferred attire choice. A true love doll only desires to have a good time. They do not actually exist. They don’t give a damn about how much money you make, what sort of car you drive, or what kind of work you perform. Additionally, they don’t really care if you’re married or not; they’ll fulfill any wants you have as long as you take care of them. You’ll have a wonderful buddy and tons of fun with a love doll!

This post will teach you more about how to select the ideal real love doll for you if you haven’t yet bought one of our sex dolls. It makes your life happier and is a kind buddy.

The tips in this post will help you get the most out of your investment and take the best possible care of your love doll. To find out more about the many dolls available, see our “how to select the right love doll for you” area. Okay, let’s get going!

How to Open & Assemble Your Sex Doll

You’ve finally gotten your sex doll, congrats! You carefully chose the doll of your dreams a few weeks ago, waited for her to be created according to your specifications, followed the progress of her delivery, and today she has at last come! You’ll want to take care of her skin, body, and hair now that she’s at your side so she may continue to make you happy for a long time.

You found it difficult to contain your excitement as soon as the delivery man placed your box in front of your door. Standing on the porch, you grabbed the box with both hands. You weren’t sure if you signed it because you were too excited or because the package was too heavy because it felt like the best offer. The box in your hands has accelerated your heartbeat to the point where you didn’t even see the delivery man. Cowboy, calm down. We are aware of how exciting this occasion is for you and that you are eager to enter the rodeo. Before using your new adult toy and improving your sexual life, we believe you should read those crucial steps. Let’s get to work unpacking and gently putting your sex doll together!

Gross parcel size for a 160 cm sex doll:

  • Size: 170 cm
  • Size: 30 cm
  • Height: 40 cm
  • 30 kg as a whole
  • Bring the package into a room and place it on a spacious floor with care.

Surprisingly, the package’s weight is the first thing you notice. When you get it, it normally weights around 80 pounds. The sex doll itself will weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, excluding the box. If you don’t have an elevator and reside on the floor above floor four, or if you’re elderly or have mobility issues, we advise tipping the delivery person or getting help from your close relatives and friends. Your sex doll shouldn’t experience any bumps or damage at all! Find a spot with adequate area to place her on the flooring after carrying her inside the room with care. Make sure you have enough space for both of you to lay down on the floor next to the box with your love doll.

Having sex with your love doll

Our love dolls are typically purchased by consumers who want to have sex with them. Given that every female love doll on our website has a functioning vagina, this makes a lot of sense. Most of the dolls that you may discover on our website have two different vaginal options. A built-in vagina, which is comparable to our removable alternative, is the first choice. The removable vagina resembles a fleshlight or a pocket pussy. The vagina is offered in a variety of sizes on dolls. The depth of each doll’s vaginal opening is listed in the sexual holes area of our website, so be sure to check that out. We advise choosing a doll that can fit your size.

It’s exactly like having sex with a real person. Both silicone and TPE, the materials used to make all of our dolls, have a very realistic sensation to the touch and the touch. The vagina are naturally created for pleasure and function as you would expect. Imagine yourself in your preferred position, then push through the doll and carry on as usual. The design is geared toward providing pressure and friction that is quite great to feel.

We are frequently asked if it is acceptable for guys to finish within their dolls. Yes, it is the answer. It is a fairly typical practice to create our genuine dolls for action. Some people prefer the built-in vagina, while others prefer the removable one, depending on their sexual habits. To help you choose the best vagina and learn more about how to keep your doll clean, we will go into more depth about how to care for your doll later.

Anal sex with your love doll

Many people daydream of having that special sensation and trying anal sex with their partner. Realistic sex dolls are ready to be kinky and get wild in all three holes. This is natural, healthy, and very enjoyable for many people. Our doll manufacturers have designed their sex dolls so that you get a very realistic, super tight, vigorous experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind. Since it’s different for many people to find a willing partner ready to be on the receiving end, we offer male and female dolls functional and ready to go all the way to please you.

Oral Sex and blowjobs with sex doll in use

All of our real dolls have open mouths. Get as many blowjobs as you want!

Lubricants and your sex doll

A lot of our customers ask if they can use lubricant on their sex dolls to have a more pleasurable experience. The answer is yes but always use a Water-Based Lubricant. This is very important. Oil-based or silicone-based lubricants can damage your doll and cause staining. The most common brands offering water-based lubricants are K-Y Jelly and Astroglide.

Again, it’s very important to only use water-based lubricants on your love doll. To avoid making things messy and sticky, simply make sure to apply lubricant with moderation in areas you intend to penetrate. If you have already applied lubricant and feel it needs more lubrication, try adding a little bit of warm water to reactivate the lubricant. It should do the trick and you’ll be able to continue your experience without always adding more and more lubricant.

Some people prefer a cleaner and dryer approach to enhance the warm experience with their dolls. For a similar purpose, we recommend baby powder to complement the smoothness of the skin feeling on your love doll.

About condoms

Even though it’s useless, feel free to use a condom when having anal or vaginal sex with your love doll. It won’t harm your doll at all.

How should you store your real love doll?

The most important thing to know before storing your love doll is to keep the doll in a straight-up natural position, arms along the body, and legs straight. This will reduce the tension on the elbows, hips, and knees joints to keep your doll moving comfortably for a long time. Having your doll in a contortionist position for days may damage or reduce the longevity and smoothness of the moving parts.

That being mention, if you are comfortable with your doll hanging out with you all the time, well go for it, that’s why you bought a real doll. Still, some people don’t have such luxury and want to be a bit more discreet. Luckily, all our dolls at MySiliconeLoveDoll come with a free suspension kit hook. The suspension kit is for storage. Do not try to use your doll while hanging. As a result, this may damage your doll. Also, make sure your closet is well-built and strong and can withstand the weight of your TPE doll. Storing your doll in a straight-up position and using the hook will ensure that its precious body characteristics will not flatten or scratch, and you can continue to use it for many years.

Last but not least, both silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls materials are sensitive to extreme hot or cold conditions. This is something to think about before storing your doll for an extended period of time. Keeping your doll in a reasonable range of temperature will avoid the risk of cracking or warping the skin. Hot summer months are the riskiest if left without ventilation or air conditioning.

Dressing up your sex doll

There are millions of outfits that can suit your doll. You can be very creative buying swimsuits, sex doll lingerie, summer dress, and even cosplay outfits. While some of our customers do not bother dressing up their dolls, many ask for special outfits to role-play and stimulate their imagination.

One thing to remember, our dolls are very petite. For numbered sizes in the United States, we suggest you try a size 0 or size 1. To be more accurate, on our website we include each doll’s measurements. Those measurements will help you figure out the best outfit for your doll. Since we sell our dolls without any outfit, you can always select one in the optional outfit on our website. Keep in mind that our outfits are for petite dolls and will not fit a BBW sex doll.

Some clients who enjoy dressing up their dolls also asked about the best accessories they can use. A nice necklace or bracelet can increase the sex appeal, we recommend being careful with some heavy accessories or some cheaply painted jewelry that could stain or cut open your doll. We suggest not to store your doll with accessories for the same reasons and avoid any damages that can be caused inadvertently.

Love doll’s hairstyle

Each and every doll we sell comes with a wig of your choice. You can also order additional hairstyles to switch from a blond to a long hair brunette if you have a taste for both! Our wigs are very easy to take care of. You can shampoo them like regular hair and try different hairstyles like a ponytail or add clips, bows, and headbands to get an entirely new look.


As interesting and exciting as the smell of perfume can do to trigger memories and excitement, we do not recommend applying perfume directly to your doll. You can spray cologne on your doll’s outfit without any problem, but most perfumes are alcohol-based and it can cause unintentional damages on silicon or TPE. The scent could penetrate into the doll’s material and then turn. Therefore we do not recommend perfumes on the doll itself, but to spray it on the sexy outfit your doll is wearing to enjoy the smell and to avoid any problem.

Women and Sex Dolls

Just like men, women also enjoy sex dolls. Sometimes you need more than your imagination to stimulate your libido and get excited. Many would act out their sexual fantasies and pleasure themselves with a hot male doll, that they can squeeze and ride more naturally. The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions are the easiest and most preferred by customers. In addition, our male dolls have removable sex organs to accommodate other positions and sensations. Male dolls can also be used by males who prefer to bottom.

Various sex acts

Now, you probably know much more about sex dolls and wonder how far you can go with them. Well, there are 3 available holes on our female dolls and their hands can also be positioned to give hand jobs. Dolls are to be treated like people. You can feel free to hug your doll, share your doll with a partner and enjoy the realistic look and feel they provide. If you’re creative you can act out most of your fantasies.

Yes, you can also play very hard and have extreme behaviors with your sex doll, but normal sexual play is recommended. If in doubt, go slow and check if any risk or damage signs before you get going.

Cleaning your doll

To keep your doll clean is the most important part to have it last a long time. Some people want to keep the cleaning to a minimum and prefer using a condom. This is a great option, but it only takes a few minutes to clean your doll with the right tools.

We suggest buying and using a vaginal irrigator to keep your doll clean and germ-free. They’re inexpensive and available on many websites like Amazon. The vaginal irrigator is very easy to use. You simply fill it up and insert it in the holes you want to clean. You can mix it up with mild soap to clean it more thoroughly. Then leave it until it dries. If you’ve selected the removable vagina it’s even more simple. Simply remove the vagina, rinse it in the sink and let it dry before reinserting it.

We also recommend wiping down your doll after each use to make sure it is completely dried before storage. Remove any tight clothing or accessories that could damage or stain the skin of your doll. Many clients enjoy pampering their doll with baby powder to keep the skin smooth and protected. If you choose to powder your doll, you can choose a classic baby powder or any cornstarch-based powder. It is essential to wait for your doll to be completely dry before applying the powder.

Sex Doll Repair

MySiliconeLoveDoll has been selling dolls for almost 10 years and we know that our dolls are made to last for quite a long time. Our dolls have a proven long-lasting skeleton and

they’re made from quality materials. We have already given you many tips in this article for you to prevent any damages but if anything happens, we offer a repair kit to fix small cuts and similar damages. If you ever break your doll, do not hesitate to contact our customer support to know the best solution for your repair. Even if it’s bad news, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

Customizing your Doll

All of our dolls are made to order. This means that when you’re on our website and select the skin color, the eyes color, and all the other options, you’re actually creating the doll with us. You’re not buying a doll sitting on a shelf somewhere, but you’re creating with your own imagination what you’re really looking for from the hairstyle down to the toenail color. If you need help deciding which option is best for you, again do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

The End

Real sex dolls are entertaining, thrilling, and simple to maintain. Yes, they can appear to be a costly purchase, but they are made to last for a very long time. Choosing a doll that really excites you will transport you to a different dimension where you can experience excitement and vigor in your sex life. Keep in mind that real love dolls are always up for having fun with you. You will have a strong spouse to enjoy life with if you follow this advice and take care of your love doll as much as we advised.