Love Doll Collection

What is a love doll ?

Love dolls, also known as sex dolls or fuck dolls, are realistic, human-sized, and human-shaped dolls usually made of elastomeric materials with the intention to provide sexual pleasure, in particular masturbation. The term “love doll” originated from Japanese “ ラブドール (rabu-doru)” in 1998. They all have orifices for sex, such as mouth*, vagina, and anus. What’s more, they are great companions for men. As a professional seller of love dolls, we are dedicated to bringing the best user experience in the sex toy industry. We offer love dolls that are not only good-looking, convenient to use, but also customizable. Our thoughtful designers strive to incorporate features that are common during human intercourse. From petite to tall dolls (140 cm to 180 cm); from A-cup to M-cup breasts; from skinny to chubby; or from black to asian to blonde, you will find the perfect mate here on Sex Doll Paradise. Our dolls’ joints are fully articulated, allowing them to hold many sexual positions. If you are a fan of  listening to the moans of a woman, or wish to pound on a doll that feels warm rather than cold, you may also choose moaning and heating features. For men, there is always room for a second sex partner. Find your fantasy here at SexDollParadise

*Note: Some of our love dolls mouths are not suitable for oral sex as they are not openable. (made of TPE love dolls can give oral sex, but not the ones made of silicone)

A bit of history

The history of love dolls can date back to ancient times, when men found creative ways to meet their own sexual needs in absence of women. At the beginning, sex dolls were made of fabric. As time went on, technologies progressed, giving rise to inflatable dolls. Thanks to new innovative materials such as thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE, love dolls are now cheaper and spongy, with articulated steel frames embedded so that they can hold various sexual positions and even stand on their own. This makes love dolls look and feel a lot more like real women. With the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is likely that love dolls will evolve to become more responsive verbally and enjoy certain degree of mobility, becoming not just a passive sex partner, but an active one!

How to use and how take care of your love doll

All of our love dolls are designed for vaginal and anal sex. Some of them are suitable for oral sex. If you are a fan of oral sex, choose the dolls that have open mouths. Move the doll’s legs and arms to the desired position during intercourse. Treat your love doll the way you would to a real woman in bed and off bed. Greater care will ensure longer lasting usage. Do not use alcohol-based perfume. When not in use, remove clothing from the dolls to avoid color staining. Place your dolls in the original product position, otherwise wrinkles may appear. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in an environment neither too hot or too humid.

A love doll in TPE or in silicone ?

In general, spongy love dolls can be made from two types of materials: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone. At My Silicone Love Dolls, despite what our name suggests, all of our dolls are made from TPE rather than silicone. Both TPE and silicone offer an alternative to natural rubber, a depleting natural resource around the world. Unlike silicone, which is made from quartz sand and is not recyclable, TPE is made from a blend or compound of polymers that melt and form into plastic and hardens when it cools, making it perfectly recyclable and environment-friendly. TPE is cheaper to produce than silicone, which makes TPE love dolls more affordable and yet provides the same comfort to users. As TPE technologies and qualities improved, love dolls are now mostly made from this type of material.