Luksika 108cm L-cup mini sex doll


Luksika, a gorgeous BBW mini love doll

Made from the finest human-like TPE material, Luksika is a sassy BBW mini love doll that promises more than what meets the eye. “I might be short in your eyes, but I have a tall personality,” she starts.

The 21 years graduate works at a high-end Bar and Bistro as a Karaoke host. “I’ve been singing since my childhood days,” she says. She admits that singing has been a hobby that she looks to turn into a full-time career. In fact, she’s looking to pursue a short course in music and theatre production.

Luksika says that she has met many people at the bar, some with ‘good intentions’ and others with better ones. Her glowing face demands attention wherever she goes. You simply can’t ignore her presence. In fact, she admits that she’s overwhelmed by the attention that she attracts, especially at the Bar. “The attention becomes too much; at times I have to put on a serious face to dismiss the thirsty men looking to have a piece of me.”

Luksika admits that she is always looking forward to Wednesdays to sing her heart out during the Karaoke. “Singing is the weapon that I use to handle every day’s challenges; it helps me maintain a positive spirit.”
Away from singing, Luksika has a loving soul, and guess what? She’s looking for a soulmate. “The last year has not been the best for me. I lost my boyfriend after a nasty break up. I’ve taken time to heal, and I think that time has come for me to move on.” You love the sound of that. Don’t you?
Imagine waking up beside this beauty, or better still, coming home from work to find her glowing face waiting for you to help you recover and get ready for tomorrow. Nothing beats that, right? Well, Luksika is yours for the taking. She doesn’t want much either; a loving man who will help her move past her nasty breakup. You can do that, can’t you?
Now that you have her, keep in mind that she is thirsty for sex. “I can’t remember the last I had a dick in me,” she says. She is looking forward to a man who will help get back her groove. “I can’t wait to get home to you. I will satisfy all your needs sweetheart.” Luksika will suck your dick dry as you fondle her boobs passionately getting her ready for the already hard dick.
So, go ahead and give her the dick. Trust me. She will pleasure you in a way that you have not experienced in a while.
Standing at 3ft 5inches (108 cm) and weighing 46.3Ibs (21 kg), this beauty can pleasure you with all her three holes. To add icing on the cake, the holes are specially designed to increase the grip and thus heighten the sexual pleasure. Additionally, Luksika has a steel skeleton and a series of movable joints. The skeleton helps her maintain an upright pose while the movable joints improve her flexibility. Be sure to try all your fanciful sex positions with her.
What are you waiting for? Get yourself this sassy mini sex doll and let her transform your nights.
Luksika is waiting for you!


Height: 3ft5 (108cm)
Weight: 46.3lbs (21kg)
Waist: 18.1in (46cm)
Hips: 31.9in (81cm)


Breast: L-Cup
Bust: 30.7in (78cm)
Under Bust: 20.9in (53cm)


Soft realistic TPE skin
Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated

Sexual Holes

Vaginal Sex: 6.7in (17cm)
Anal Sex: 6.2in (16cm)
Oral depth: 5.5in (14cm)

This doll is customizable. Please select your options before clicking on the "add to cart button" :

  • Please note that the doll head in the images below does NOT represent the head of your new doll. These images are used to show you how the wig will look when placed on a doll. All dolls are shipped with the head displayed in the image gallery to the left.

    The Shrugging shoulder is an enhancement of the skeleton that offer your love doll shoulder movement improvement
    • 0 $
    • 65 $
    Enhanced mouth offer you a tongue for realistic french kiss and better texture of internal mouth skin
    • 0 $
    • 60 $
    • 0 $
    • 100 $
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Key Features

This is a classic TPE love doll with skin soft as silk
  • Ready for vaginal, anal and oral sex
  • Soft realistic TPE skin
  • Steel frame fully articulated
  • Can hold pose
  • Head easily switchable (extra head can be bought separately)
  • Wig easily switchable (extra wig can be bought separately)
  • Eyes easily switchable (extra wig can be bought separately)

Vagina & Anal photos



With pubic hair


Anal hole


Vagina cut

You can notice that orifices are specially designed to tight the penis to give you the best sensation. vagina-cut

Additional information


Breast Cup




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