Mini Sex Doll : The Torso Sex Doll

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Mini Sex Doll for Maximum Pleasure

A mini sex doll with the features of the much larger and more expensive luxury sex dolls.

Technical Details

  • Length: 30.7 inches (78cm) (with head)
  • Weight: 34.2 lbs (15.5kg) (with head)
  • Shoulder width: 16.8 inches (35cm)
  • Breast: 31.5 inches (80cm)
  • Waist: 21.6 inches (55cm)
  • Hip: 34.6 inches (88cm)
  • Vaginal hole
  • Anal hole
  • Oral hole

Pic Galleries

Torso Sex Doll With Clothes

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Nice boobs!

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Delicious ass…

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Close-up of sex doll vagina and asshole

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Get Sucked & Get Laid Forever!

Most other sex doll torso comes with only 2 holes, but with this one you got the royal treatment: 3 fully functional sexual holes: oral, vaginal and anal.

Realistic Oral, Vaginal & Anal Hole

You must be thinking that all of this is great, but how does it feel? Good question! Each hole is 3d printed. It means that inside it has all sorts of features (channels, grooves, etc…) exactly like inside a woman. Everything has been designed to give you as much sexual pleasure as possible. In a word: it feels great inside this sex doll torso! Outside of it it feels great as well, thanks to her soft silicone TPE skin, which is as smooth as a real woman skin.

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