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Our Range of Accessories for Your Sex Doll

Alongside your sex doll, a variety of accessories are available. Let’s explore the items you can choose for her

Wigs: A Canvas for Expression

Imagine transforming your companion with just a simple change of hair. Our selection of wigs makes this possible, offering an easy way to switch styles, colors, and lengths to suit your mood or the occasion. From flowing locks to stylish bobs, we ensure every wig complements your doll perfectly. And if your heart is set on a specific look not found in our collection, we’ve got you covered. Simply use the order note during checkout to specify a wig you’ve found on Amazon, and we’ll purchase it and include it with your doll at no extra cost. This service opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to curate a look that’s as unique as your desires. In the case you choose a wig from Amazon, you will receive it in a separate package.

a wig for your sex doll

Eyes: Windows to the Soul

The eyes are more than just a visual feature; they are the windows to the soul, offering depth and emotion that elevate the realism of your companion. Our selection includes a variety of colors and styles, from natural hues to captivating cat eyes, and even striking red or purple pupils. These easily interchangeable options ensure you can always match your doll’s gaze to the moment, creating an ever-evolving connection that reflects both your fantasies and the doll’s personality.

Insert Vagina: Versatility in Intimacy

Choice is paramount when it comes to the intimate aspects of your companion. We offer dolls with both built-in and removable vaginal inserts, providing flexibility and ease of cleaning. For those who prefer the latter, the option to purchase additional inserts ensures every encounter feels as fresh and exhilarating as the first. This customization not only enhances the physical experience but also adds a layer of convenience to the care and maintenance of your doll.

Insert Penis: Embracing Diversity

Our collection embraces diversity, offering the innovative option to transform your female sex doll with an insertable penis. This feature is designed for dolls with removable vaginas, allowing for a seamless transition that expands the possibilities of play and fantasy. Whether you’re looking to explore new dimensions of intimacy or simply wish to diversify your experiences, our insertable penis accessory is an easy and effective way to add versatility to your companion.

Dildo Belt: Another Dimension of Transformation

For those seeking alternative methods to modify their doll, the dildo belt offers a straightforward solution. This accessory provides an easy way to transition your female doll, adding a new dynamic to your interactions. The dildo belt is a testament to our commitment to cater to a wide range of desires and preferences, ensuring every individual can find the means to fully realize their vision.

Belt With Dildo Penis

Outfits: Dressing Up the Fantasy

The right attire sets the scene, adding depth and excitement to your interactions. Our extensive collection of outfits caters to various themes and fantasies, from the innocence of a Japanese student uniform to the allure of a sexy nurse. Each doll comes with the option to select a complimentary outfit, allowing you to start your journey on the right note. Additionally, our dedicated page offers the opportunity to purchase more outfits, ensuring your companion is always dressed for the occasion.

office lady outfit for sex doll

Cleaning Kit: Preserving the Pristine

Keeping your companion looking their best is made effortless with our specialized cleaning kit. This kit includes a unique lotion formulated to remove stains from the doll’s skin gently. Regular use ensures that your doll remains in immaculate condition, preserving the lifelike appearance and texture of the skin over time.

Repair Kit: Restoring Beauty

Life’s little accidents don’t have to leave a permanent mark on your companion. Our repair kit is specifically designed for mending small cracks or damages in your doll’s skin. This easy-to-use kit allows for quick fixes, ensuring that your doll can be restored to their original condition, maintaining both beauty and integrity.

Hook for Wardrobe Suspension: Convenient Storage

Storage solutions are an essential aspect of doll ownership. Our innovative hook accessory enables you to suspend the doll’s body within a wardrobe closet, providing a practical and discreet storage option. This method not only saves space but also helps maintain the doll’s shape and form when not in use.

Warm Stick: Enhanced Realism

For those seeking an even more lifelike experience, the warm stick accessory is a game-changer. This insertable warming device brings a new level of realism to your interactions, simulating the warmth of human touch to enhance the intimacy and authenticity of your moments together.

Gloves for Handling

To maintain the pristine condition of your doll, we offer gloves for handling. These gloves allow you to manipulate and position your doll without transferring oils or dirt from your hands, ensuring they remain clean and well-preserved.

gloves to manipulate your love doll

Hook and Screw for Suspension

Further enhancing the versatility of storage and positioning, our hook and screw accessory is designed for those who wish to suspend their doll. This setup allows for a range of poses and displays, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits to doll enthusiasts.

Body Suspension Stand

The Body Suspension Stand offers a seamless and discreet solution for storing your sex doll within your wardrobe. Designed with both practicality and space efficiency in mind, this stand enables you to hang your doll in a natural, upright position, preserving its shape and quality over time. It’s a perfect option for those looking to integrate their doll into their personal space without compromising on organization or accessibility.

Metal Case

For those who prefer to store the doll as a whole, investing in a storage case specifically designed for full-size sex dolls is highly recommended. These cases are padded and contoured to fit the doll snugly, providing optimal protection against dust, moisture, and accidental damage. Additionally, the case usually features a lock for added privacy and security.

Meta case for your sex doll


These additional accessories underscore our commitment to offering a comprehensive and considerate approach to the ownership and enjoyment of sex dolls. From maintenance to storage, each accessory is designed with the utmost care, ensuring that your companion remains a cherished and enduring presence in your life.