Pillow Love Doll


Unlimited Sex With A Hot Girl!

You just need to inflate your love pillow doll to get ready to enjoy unlimited, on-demand sex with a sexy girl!

Thanks to its 5ft 42in x 1ft 64in (165cm x 50cm) life size, its ultra smooth & human-skin friendly fabric and its both side printed, you will love this female pillow love doll.

What is a female pillow love doll?

Love doll pillows are a new & exciting kind of inflatable sex dolls. They ship with 4 parts:

  • An inflatable pillow (plastic)
  • A hot girl cover printed on both sides
  • A 3d printed realistic vagina and anus
  • A pair of nipples

A female love doll can be used both from anal & vaginal sex.

Convenient & Easy-to-use

In order to start using your love doll pillow, you only need to inflate it, then you can start enjoying your sexy girl as much as you want: she never says no!

In case you want to change the image of the hot girl on the cover, you can easily do so by just changing the cover!

Once you are done with your female love doll, you can easily put her away by removing the air inside, folding her and putting her in a drawer . It does not takes much space and is quite discreet. No worries, no one will find out!