Pillow Sex Doll Male


Bang a sexy guy on demand!

Inflate your male pillow doll, put its HD 2-side cover, its penis sex toy, and starting doing whatever you want: he is yours!

Thanks to its Silky Skin Friendly Fabric, its realistic 5ft 74in x 1ft 74in (175cm x 53cm) size and its 2-sides printed, this love doll will give you all the fun you ever wanted.

Easy to use, easy to put away, and very affordable, this male pillow doll is the best way to try sex dolls.

What is a pillow sex doll?

A pillow sex doll is a new & original kind of sex doll that comes with 3 parts:

  • A Plastic inflatable pillow
  • A 2 side cover
  • A Penis solid sex toy

Easy to use

Inflate your doll, put its 2 side cover and you are ready to get started!

Bored with the guy on the cover? You can change the cover any time you want!

When you are done with your male pillow sex doll, you can just empty the air inside and conveniently put it away: it does not take a lot of space and can be easily folded.