Buying a sex doll in the Sweden?

You’re in Sweden and you want to buy a sex doll? You can buy it online or at a sex shop in your area. Unfortunately, most sex shops in Sweden only sell sex toys. Sometimes they have inflatable sex dolls, but even less often they have real sex dolls. If you don’t live in a big city like Stockholm or Gothenburg, the closest sex shop could be a long way away.

Keep in mind that no one in Sweden makes sex dolls, so every shop has to import.

When you buy a sex doll from our website, you can also choose to pay in Swedish Krona by using a button at the top of each page.

Are love dolls legals in Sweden?

You shouldn’t worry if your sex doll is bigger than 4 feet 6 inches (140 cm). In Sweden, sex dolls can be no taller than 140 cm (55 inches). Several countries in the West follow this rule. In both North America and Europe, it is against the law to sell smaller fuck dolls.

So that Swedish customs won’t take your sex doll, SexDollParadise only sells sex dolls that are 140 cm or bigger. Since we started selling sex dolls in 2015, customs has taken NO real dolls from our Swedish buyers.

Shipping times to Sweden

In general, it takes 1 to 2 weeks to make a sex doll (all of our love dolls are made to order), plus another week for UPS or FEDEX to deliver it from our workshop to your door in Sweden. You will be given a tracking number once your sex doll is ready to be sent. If you don’t want the doll sent to your house, we can ask the delivery service (UPS or FEDEX) to hold the box until you are ready to pick it up.

Customs fees and import fees

Most things that are brought into Sweden must pay a customs fee about 25% of their value in pounds plus 25% for the VAT. But don’t worry, you won’t need to pay those charges! We’ll pay any import taxes, VAT, or customs fees that may be due! There are no extra costs; the price mentioned on our website is the final price. No hidden costs!

The most popular sex dolls in Sweden

We’ve picked the most popular real fuck dolls in the kingdom so you don’t have to. Before you place your order, please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

148cm Sex Doll Jennifer


18yo Teen Sex Doll With Big Tits Nola


Beauty Brunette Real Sex Doll Hilary 158cm


Realistic Sex Doll in TPE


Angel – Busty Realistic Sex Doll


Big Tits Sex Doll Arrixy K-Cup

Original price was: $1,590.Current price is: $1,390.

Red Head Sex Doll Athena 172cm


Rihanna Sex Doll Replica



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