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Launched a few years ago, Piper Doll is a sex doll brand which became more and more famous, year after year.

Piper Doll has been founded, by a Japanese photographer (and a sex doll lover) named Mr. Mizuwali who wanted to bring the market to the next level. He was not really satisfied with the face of dolls he found on the market.

In 2015, Mr. Mizuwali, who is also a designer decided to start his own brand and opened a workshop. He personally designed all the doll’s faces and hired a team of workers and designers that he still manage today.

Piper doll founder

This is not only a matter of faces, Piper Doll has developed which is now the most evolved skeleton. Indeed, there are some body positions that only dolls from Piper can hold, for example the squat posture. They called this feature the EVO (for evolution) skeleton. We offer this option for $47.

EVO skeleton

The material they use for their dolls is a TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) of a very high quality. Touching the realistic skin gives the sensation of touching the skin of a real woman.

To summarize, here are the points that we like from Piper Dolls :

– Ultra smooth skin (like a real girl)
– High quality TPE grade (as good as silicone)
– The fully articulated skeleton (more articulation)

Don’t forget that all our prices are final and include shipping fee, and any taxes that may apply. Delivery is 100% discreet and we deliver worldwide.

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