WM Doll, the most famous sex doll manufacturer

If you know a bit about the sex doll universe, you may have already notice this brand : WM Doll (WM for the insiders).

The reason is that this brand is now the most famous, and one of the oldest love dolls brands.

WMDoll started in 2010 in China, in Guangdong province, not far from Macau. They originally designed sewing dress forms and mannequins for clothes. (the ones you can see in clothes store)

Important notice : We want to stress that “Made in china” sex dolls do not necessarily means bad quality dolls. There are some Chinese manufacturers who made bad dolls but you won’t find their dolls on our website. At SexDollParadise, we only sell dolls from manufacturers that we have visited the factory and met in person. And WM Dolls is one of them.

They only focus on TPE made dolls, they have never made silicone dolls so far. But the TPE (TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer) material they use is high quality TPE which gives the same sensations as silicone.

Regarding options, WMDolls offer the same options as other brands but they also have some options that they (so far) are the only manufacturer to propose to their customers. This option is the “Enhanced shoulder” that lets you move the shoulders of your doll up and down.

WM Doll prices are a bit higher than prices of other brands, but we think it is worth it.

As you maybe have noticed if you have browsed our website, their doll’s photos are amazingly stylish as they only use professional photographers for the shooting. Theirs photos are not photoshopped.

We were there at their beginning and SexDollParadise is proud to be an official reseller of WMDoll since 10 years now. Just take a look at their amazing collection of sex dolls !

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