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Sex Dolls: Women’s Perspective

A woman having sex her love doll

In the realm of intimate relationships and sexual exploration, the conversation around sex dolls is evolving. Once seen primarily as objects for male pleasure, sex dolls are increasingly entering discussions among women, who are exploring their use for various reasons, ranging from personal satisfaction to enhancing relationship dynamics.

A Couple’s New Addition

We have contacted Michel, who bought a sex doll from us, and ask for his feedback.

When Michael first broached the idea of introducing a sex doll into his marriage, he was nervous about his wife Emma’s reaction. However, to his surprise, Emma was supportive. In a candid conversation, she explained her perspective.

“I saw it as an opportunity,” Emma shared. “It wasn’t about replacing me or diminishing our intimacy. Michael was open about his curiosity, and I appreciated that honesty. We agreed it could add a new dimension to our relationship without any emotional threat.”

Emma views the sex doll as a tool for exploration within their relationship’s boundaries. “It’s about experimenting together, keeping things interesting,” she said. Their story reflects a growing trend where couples use sex dolls to explore fantasies with mutual consent, enhancing their connection rather than hindering it.

A couple who bought a sex doll

A couple who bought a sex doll (Illustration image, Michel and Emma prefer to remain anonymous.)

Solo Adventures: A Woman and Her Male Doll

Sarah, who also bought a love doll from us, a 34-year-old graphic designer, found herself intrigued by the idea of a male sex doll after her long-term relationship ended. “I wasn’t ready to date again, but I missed the physical presence in my life,” she explained. Sarah’s choice to purchase a male sex doll was driven by a desire for companionship and sexual fulfillment without the complexities of a new relationship.

“It’s simple, safe, and honestly, a lot of fun,” Sarah remarked. “He’s always there, and there are no emotional strings attached.” Her experience highlights a personal journey of self-exploration and understanding her desires in a safe, controlled environment.

Male sex doll

A Male sex doll

A Threesome Dynamic: Lesbian Couple and Their Doll

For Megan and Lisa, a lesbian couple in their late twenties, the decision to add a female sex doll to their relationship was about spicing up their dynamic. “We were looking for something different, something that wouldn’t involve a third person but still added a new layer to our sex life,” Megan shared.

The couple chose a high-end silicone doll that both found aesthetically pleasing and physically satisfying. “It’s not about a substitute for one of us,” Lisa added. “It’s about adding a completely controlled element into our intimacy that we can both enjoy.”

Their story sheds light on how sex dolls can cater to same-sex couples, offering a way to explore new sexual experiences together in a consensual and controlled manner.

The Reality of Male Sex Dolls and Market Demographics

While female sex dolls are prevalent, male sex dolls also exist and are gaining popularity. These dolls are designed with similar attention to detail and customization options as their female counterparts. However, the market for male sex dolls is smaller but growing as societal norms around female sexuality and autonomy continue to evolve.

Interestingly, women constitute a significant portion of sex doll buyers. Industry estimates suggest that approximately 15% to 25% of sex doll purchases are made by women. This statistic reflects a shift in the traditional perceptions of sex dolls and indicates a broader acceptance and use of these products among women.


The narrative around sex dolls is changing. As more women engage with and discuss their experiences, the stigma surrounding the use of sex dolls diminishes. Whether used for personal satisfaction, as a means to explore new sexual territories, or as a therapeutic addition to relationships, sex dolls are becoming a more acknowledged part of the sexual landscape.

This shift is not just about sex dolls but also about recognizing and respecting individual desires and choices in the pursuit of personal happiness and fulfillment. As our understanding of human sexuality evolves, so too does our acceptance of the various tools and technologies that can enhance our intimate experiences.