Mini Sex Dolls Collection

Mini Sex Dolls are one our most popular dolls. They are the little sisters of our realistic sex dolls : they have similar features but are smaller (3ft 3in – 100cm and below), cuter, and cheaper.

They have a soft TPE skin that is very realistic: touching them and touching a real woman feels exactly the same! In order to be put in any position we also included a metal skeleton below this TPE skin. Thanks to this feature you can make your doll take any pose, and she will stay put*. Some Mini Sex Dolls have all three sexual holes: anal, oral & vaginal, and some other just have vaginal holes.

In general, what people love about these dolls is that they look really really cute, and are cheaper. Have a look at our 3f 3in (100cm) Mini Love Doll for example. Isn’t adorable? Yet she still is very exciting, just look at her awesome boobs!

*Dolls cannot remain in the standup position though

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108cm Sex Doll (3ft5in) Zarina


Mini Fuck Doll 80cm


Mini Love Doll 3ft 3in (100cm)


65cm Sex Doll (25.6in)